• Jennifer Callender

Woman-Owned Franchises: What You Need to Know

The past year has seen remarkable growth in women-owned franchises.

In fact, 41 percent of all new franchises are opened by women. And according to a recent Forbes study, this total number of women owners is a 24% increase from the last decade.

This represents gigantic progress for women entrepreneurs and business owners. It shows a new determination in this age of women to plan, design, and operate their own business.

If you are a woman looking to invest in a franchise, how can you get started? What do you need to know to ensure, like women who've leaped into franchise ownership before you, the highest level of success?

As a woman franchise consultant with over 25 years of management experience working with Fortune500 companies and giving support to hundreds of franchisees, many of them being women, I'm here to tell you your journey on the road to success is very attainable.

My love for process improvement and financial empowerment has lead me to provide guidance and seed investment to many women and minority-owned franchises. While some are just starting out in business, others have long worked in management or C-level environments. They are now ready to leverage their experience and unique vision into the ownership of a franchise.

Meet these Amazing 2020 Franchisee Owners

If as a woman, you are still on the fence regarding a franchise ownership opportunity, the following success stories may help you reach your decision. Worldwide women taking the franchise industry by storm. In the US alone, these women franchisees are toping their sales and achieving new levels of success amongst franchise owners. Let's meet just some of these amazing women:

CaraBeth Moore owns and operates three Pizza Inn locations in New Mexico and Pie Five Pizza in Lubbock, Texas. Moore, along with her team was named "Pizza Inn's franchisee of the year for innovative thought leadership and for the creation of a SmartCar delivery program, increasing sales by 24 percent."

Her key to success? As a franchise owner, Moore is known as very active, involved in daily operations, as well as heading up social media and local store marketing.

Carrie Nieman co-owns PuroClean in North Metro Atlanta. Nieman is a high-achieving franchisee with a 100 percent debt-free business. Her location of PuroClean increased 18 percent in both sales and number of claims in 2020. She did this all while maintaining her entire crew and adding additional staff to support increased demand.

Her key to success? Steve White, president, and COO of PuroClean says about Nieman: “She is an exemplary PuroClean franchise owner thanks to her relentless customer service and servant leadership. Her franchise has landed within the top 10 percent across our national network for eight of the past 10 years.”

(Excerpts taken from What Franchise, 100 influential women in franchising in 2020. For more woman franchise success stories read full article here)

According to a recent Forbes study, 41 percent of all new franchises are opened by women, a 24% increase from the previous decade.

Ladies, Own Your Franchise!

You are ready, take the next step and consider which franchise would best fit you. Our Franchise Power Search will help give you a starting point according to industry interest, total investment range, and flexible options that will best fit you as a business owner.

A franchise model in itself, no matter the industry, will offer you increased flexibility, on a financial and personal level. Maybe more than you previously have experienced or thought possible. One great advantage of a franchise is the "business in a box" model allowing less time to get off the ground and running than starting another business. Business operations guidance, training, marketing, and advertising materials, and ongoing support are just a few advantages to signing with a franchisor.

Still not sure which is right for you? Take our personalized online assessment to learn more about yourself and the skills you bring to the table.

Read more about top industries women franchise owners are investing in now: Franchise Business Review magazine: Top 50 franchises for women

You Got This, Let's Get Started!

As the CEO and Founder of Jenivid Solutions, LLC, I am here to help you take this journey. We are a niche certified franchise consultancy whose focus is providing a clear pathway for YOU to succeed in franchise business ownership.

Through our partnership, I will educate and empower you for ownership success. Among many available servicings and customizable packages, we will work together through a 7-step actionable plan to accomplish every step of your process through 1) building a strong foundation, 2) developing a working knowledge of the franchise industry, and 3) continual training and ongoing support as an owner.

Franchise Business Review mentioned earlier interviewed over 8,800 women worldwide who own franchises. Here were the results: 87 percent said they thoroughly enjoy operating their own franchise business, 75 percent said they would recommend to others and 72 percent said they would absolutely “do it again” knowing what they know today.

I have confidence that soon you will join these women on a journey you can be proud of while reaping your own financial and personal rewards.

Let me help you get started today on your goals for tomorrow. Contact me directly at jennifer@jenividsolutions.com or by phone at 678.348.0817.