• Jennifer Callender

Getting the Most out of Your Franchise Consultant

Oftentimes, we go through the rat race of life without giving much thought to what we're doing. Why? Because it's simply what we're used to doing day after day. We operating on auto-pilot, habitual, if you will. We give little thought to changing our routine until something drastic happens like loss of a job, transitioning from corporate, loss of a spouse/partner, sudden inheritance of a large amount of money, birth of a child, etc.  This is when we find ourselves contemplating that NEXT THING to offer another stream of income, greater financial security for the family or quite simply a better quality of life. Many franchise clients are looking at franchise business ownership to fill that gap for a variety of reasons. These personal drivers translate to motivation for working with them in the most effective and efficient manner possible which results in saving time and money. There are thousands of franchises available...how do you decide which ones are best for you and which ones aren't? It's extremely difficult and frustrating for someone not familiar with the industry to find the best one on their own.

Certified Franchise Consultants (CFC) work with their clients to uncover their rationale for franchise business ownership by:

Understanding Your Goals and Objectives

My clients approach me from various stages in life and for various reasons with the goal of finding a "winning" franchise. Because of these very personal drivers, I work with each client to build trust while understanding their goals and objectives in wanting to own a franchise business. Make sure that your Franchise Consultant is a good listener because your goals and objectives should be at the core of the engagement.

Identifying Matching Franchise Brands for Success

Once your goals and objectives have been clearly articulated, your franchise consultant should present you with franchise options that directly support your goals and objectives. The investment level, required management style and franchise operations should ultimately be in alignment with your interests. If the recommended franchise doesn't spark an interest from you or if you can't see yourself getting on board with the brand, don't hesitate to be forthcoming with the franchise consultant. Transparency during this process will assist in getting to the right franchise brand.

Providing Introductions to Franchise Brands

The franchise consultant should broker an introduction to the franchise brand(s) of your choice. This will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the brand and to ask detailed questions. Your franchise consultant will ensure you're aware of what to expect and can offer suggestions/questions to guide the conversation.

Leveraging other Franchise Partners (Funding, Attorney's, CPA's)

There are a number of individuals that you will need to work with while looking to invest in a franchise. Your franchise consultant should already have these relationships and will be able to refer you to trusted funding agents, attorneys, CPA's, etc. Locating these individuals on your own can be very costly if you engage with an inappropriate source. 

I Help You Throughout the Entire Process 

Finding that "winning" franchise isn't a journey that you should navigate on your own. We're here to partner with you and ensure that whatever reason is driving you to franchise business ownership -  YOUR NEEDS ARE MET!!

Jenivid Solutions, LLC is associated with FranServ and we're Certified Franchise Consultants that represent nearly 500 franchises across 60 different industries. To name just a few...thinking of Senior Care? I work with more than 30 franchises in this category! Pet Care? 10 different brands. Health and Fitness, more than 25. Food Services? A whopping 65. It goes on and on! Not sure what would be best for you? No worries. MANY people come to me without ANY idea what would be best for them. My expertise is in matching you with the best opportunities.

My expertise is in helping people choose the franchise that is best for them based on their background, skills, lifestyle goals and financial needs. Best of all, I am paid like a recruiter - by the franchises, and by not you so my services are always FREE to you!

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